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Bidder Reviews for Westbury Auction Galleries (75)

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Lake Worth, Florida
Sep 18, 2020
QUESTIONABLE PRACTICESBE AWARE!!!!!! WON an item and weeks later was refunded as they cant find the item. I have a feeling they did have the item but will relist it later for a higher price. Other reviews have expressed the same issues and concern. To say the least, they have questionable business practices. I will never bid with them again. BE ON THE ALERT!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
18K Gold 13.75ct Opal & 3.84ctw Diamond Necklace
Kenneth L.
Big Sur, California
Sep 12, 2020
14K Gold 4.37ct Tourmaline & 1.33ctw Diamond Ring
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 31, 2020
18K Gold 36.02ct Aquamarine & 3.05ctw Diam Pendant
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 31, 2020
Rolex SS DateJust Diamond Ladies Watch
Villa Park, California
Aug 03, 2020
MisleadingThey advertise “we handle all shipping” but do not tell you you that they charge a large sum for the service. Also, even though the address is listed in Los Angeles, they use a Burbank address for tax. Equates to a percent or more. Very misleading and deceitful
Rolex SS DateJust Diamond 36MM Wristwatch
Laguna Beach, California
Jul 27, 2020
Items purchased had over inflated replacements costsItem's I purchased were so over inflated with replacements costs. Had several items appraised and most came back lower then what I paid for them. Very disappointing and I will never purchase from these people again. As they say "buyer be ware".
14K Gold 2.40ct Topaz Pendant
Timmendorfer Strand, Germany
Jul 19, 2020
18K White Gold 0.55ctw Diamond Ring
Timmendorfer Strand, Germany
Jul 19, 2020
Rolex TwoTone Daytona Zenith Wristwatch
Laguna Beach, California
Jul 09, 2020
Westbury AuctionItems purchased were not the quality advertised. Communication by them in regards to shipping was horrific. Took over 9 weeks to get merchandise that was less then 50 miles from where I lived. As they say "buyer beware". I will NEVER purchase from them again.
14K Gold 15ct Topaz Pendant
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Jun 29, 2020
Rolex YG/SS Submariner 40mm Diamond Wristwatch
Paris, France
Feb 24, 2020
Rolex DAYTONA 116520 Ceramic Tachymeter 40MM Watch
Kenneth L.
Big Sur, California
Feb 22, 2020
Rolex DateJust 18K YG 1.50ct Diamond Ladies Watch
Laguna Beach, California
Feb 19, 2020
DetailsWhen conducting an auction please include as many details as possible ie year of manufacture, model, Etc. Especially if we are spending up to 10k for a watch.
Rolex SS Submariner 40MM Wristwatch
Stahnsdorf, Germany
Feb 10, 2020
i hope i have succumbed to a scammer at westbury auction galleries!?money collected and then nothing! Purchase was 4 weeks ago on 1/14/20, since then I have been told from week to week "you have problems with the shipper"? FEDEX is prepared daily and provides fast! if the shipping does not work again this week, I will hand over the purchase to my lawyer!
18K White Gold 8.62ct Tourmaline & 4.56ctw Diamond
Singapore, Singapore
Feb 01, 2020
Rolex 18K YG Day-Date Men's Watch
Treglio, Italy
Jan 29, 2020
Below expectationsThe watch I received wasn't according to my expectations,,, the pictures published looked like it was in much better conditions but in reality it was much worse.... I think it's not worth what I spent and also I think that receiving the watch 26 days after having paid for it is also not fair. All in all an expensive experience that I probably will not repeat. thank you
Rolex Day-Date 18K YG Diamond 36MM Watch
San Antonio, Texas
Dec 11, 2019
Chain sent with necklace poor quality weight not substantial.Hard to say if I can recommend them delay in shipping. Poor quality chain with pendant.
18K Gold 1.03ctw Fancy Diamond Pendant
Beaumont, Texas
Nov 21, 2019
Rolex YG/SS DateJust Diamond Ladies watch
Johns Creek, Georgia
Nov 14, 2019
18K Gold 12.26ct Opal & 1.13ctw Diamond Pendant
Eden Hill, Australia
Nov 10, 2019
Auctions made simpleThe entire experience from registration to report of my lot were very straight forward, thank you!
Rolex DateJust Ladies Diamond Wristwatch
Knoxville, Tennessee
Oct 11, 2019
MisleadingThe pictures and appraisals are misleading a word to the wise dont make the same expensive mistake I made. This jewelry is not worth a Third of what they appraise it at. No returns read the fine print details they have everything in there agreement to protect Westbury and leave the customer with zero Rights. Do yourself a favor and pass on this Auction.
18K Gold 0.17ctw Diamond Pendant
New Rochelle, New York
Sep 17, 2019
18K Gold 0.50ctw Diamond Pendant
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Jul 25, 2019
Won an Item I never bid onBe very wary of this auction house. They tried to stick me with a bill for over $2300 on an item I never bid on. I tried several times to contact them, they never responded either via email or phone. Obviously I will not pay this and so they have opened a dispute. For this auction house, I will be reporting you as it seems based on some of your reviews this isn't the only bad review you have received.
`14k Gold 30.00ct Sapphire & 1.00ct Diamond Neckla
Odessa, Florida
Jul 23, 2019
Rolex Daytona 18K YG/SS 40MM Wristwatch
Agoura Hills, California
Jul 18, 2019
Rolex SS DateJust Diamond 36mm Wristwatch
Estero, Florida
Jul 17, 2019
Rolex SS DateJust 36mm Silver Diamond Wristwatch
Asheville, North Carolina
Jun 24, 2019
Would I buy from them againYes yes yes easy buy love that they shipped it to me.. it was exactly what they said.
10K Gold 0.38ctw Diamond Earrings
Richmond, Canada
Jun 18, 2019
Unworkable Rolex watch I bid from WestburyMay 28 I bid Rolex 18K YG Diamond lady watch. Shipment arrived quickly. But watch under unworkable condition. After winding and wearing, watch runs slowly and stop then; day adjustment also has problems, it can not be adjusted anti-clockwise, which is designed to be; then day change not at 12 o’clock but at 4 o’clock. Talk to Westbury, they refused refund. I waste $15, 000 including tax. Won’t come again
Rolex 18K YG Presidential Ladies Diamond Watch
Chicago, Illinois
Jun 10, 2019
18K Gold 6.17ct Tanzanite & 1.32ctw Diamond Ring
Bayside, New York
May 18, 2019
14K Gold 0.99ctw Fancy Color Diamond Pendant
Messina, Italy
May 18, 2019
precision and efficacyAuction house has been perfect both in celerity as well packaging and shipping
14K Gold 0.22ctw Diamond Pendant
Melbourne, Florida
May 05, 2019
Rolex DateJust 116200 SS 1.35ct Diamond 36MM Watch
Highland Hts., Ohio
Apr 25, 2019
Fake!All the appraisals Are 100 % WRONG! Fake paperwork saying they are worth what the item is listed for. I bought a so called Rolex and they said it was worth $18, 000 to $24, 000, WRONG! It is only worth $1, 000. I took it to a licensed Rolex Dealer and they said it’s pretty much counterfeit! The dealer said the face was fake, the hands were fake, the custom diamond ring around the face was not real Rolex and they couldn’t even tell if the guts were real. All they said was, “This is not a real Rolex!” Do not buy from any of the sellers on this site, you’re gonna get ripped off!!! I spent $4, 850 for a $1, 000 piece of junk! I could have gotten a fake Rolex on the streets of NYC for $100
Rolex SS DateJust Diamond 36mm Wristwatch
Alexandria, Virginia
Apr 19, 2019
Great experienceGreat experience. Thank you
14K Gold 13.38ct Citrine & 1.36ctw Diamond Pendant
Rowland Heights, California
Mar 26, 2019
The auction house agreed To let us see the item before we wire the money ($18000). But we haven’t heard back from them to see the item. Tried to call many times also with email, but get very limited reply.
18K Gold 38.07ct Emerald & 15.00ctw Diamond Pendan
Rockville, Virginia
Mar 10, 2019
The information provided accurately described the item, shipment was prompt and the payment process was easy.
14K Gold 2.01ctw Diamond Bracelet
Pasadena, California
Feb 16, 2019
14K Gold 0.70ctw Tanzanite Earrings
Pasadena, California
Feb 12, 2019
14K Gold 0.41ctw Diamond Earrings
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Feb 09, 2019
^18k White Gold 5.00ct Diamond Bracelet
Pasadena, California
Feb 05, 2019
18K Gold 1.63ct Sapphire & 0.45ctw Diamond Ring
Slingerlands, New York
Jan 31, 2019
Rolex DateJust 18K/SS 1.00ct Diamond Ladies Watch
St Augustine, Florida
Jan 19, 2019
14K Gold 2.24ct Garnet Earrings
Duluth, Minnesota
Dec 12, 2018
Oct 04, 2018
Information is not accurate, estimated is out of range, respond to complain too slow, shipping takes more than 10 days...
Aug 07, 2018
I am thrilled with my ring. The service was unsurpassed. All of my questions and concerns were addressed quickly. My next piece of jewelry will be most likely at this auction house. Thank you.
May 03, 2018
Apr 17, 2018
I bid won and paid for item. A week later received refund and then saw the item I won reauctioned for higher amount. I sent several emails to both Westbury and live auction and never got a response until after the item was reposted and sold again.
Jan 10, 2018
I am very scared of the bidding process. After following an auction for several hours, I accidentally hit bid and won an item I did not want. Over the next few days I repeatedly phoned and emailed Westbury to explain. I never received a response. I was very upset and worried for several days about that accidental bid.
Jul 26, 2017
Not at this time.
Jul 18, 2017
Their Jewelry appraisals are not accurate! I will Challenge their written appraisals! Stated both items purchased appraised at over $1, 020 for each of which I paid $400 and $200. Neither will retail for even $200. The 14kt white gold cross is so tiny, size for a baby, and the. 013 of diamonds on it can only be seen with a jewelers loop! I Only bid because these pieces appraised for so much. I can not retail these in my storefront.